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A real men's hairdresser in the heart of the capital is a place where you can not only get quality services, but also get the products for beard or mustache care. This is about Mr.Colt’s branch office on Hrushevskogo street, which, in fact, cannot be considered as a regular hairdresser. That’s because this place is nothing but a real hub, where, in addition to receiving quality hairdressing services, you can use the free bar, play PS, work on a laptop and drink a cup of fragrant strong coffee. But the most important thing, for what our regular visitors come here is genuine, masculine, proper communication. Here you can really relax smoking a cigar and sipping a glass of whiskey, reading a quality men's gloss, listening to the latest news from the world and your city, talking about sore with like-minded people.

Barbershop on n Hrushevskogo street is the third salon opened within the Mr.Colt network. Located in the state quarter, near the Mariinsky Palace, opposite the officers' house, he waits for visitors at a convenient time for everyone. Everyday the best masters of Kyiv , who are familiar with the modern trends of men's hairstyles, the intricacies and rituals of royal shaving, work here for you.

If necessary, they will certainly provide you with a practical advice how to keep your beard or mustache in shape properly or how to find the best haircut option. They help real men to become even more independent and confident. After all, the barbershop on Hrushevsky street is a really men's club, where everyone becomes better not only externally but also has the opportunity to gain valuable experience. A unique feature of this Mr.Colt’s branch office is the ability to make significant savings in financial terms. On the basis of this salon there are practicing trainee masters who provide their services for ridiculous prices.

Men's hairdresser near "Arsenalna" metro station

If you come here at least once, you will definitely come back here in the future. You won’t find such a unique atmosphere anywhere else. The lofty style that prevails everywhere encourages frank men's conversations about everything in the world. Brick monolithic walls, metal fixtures, wooden rough decor, metal tile on the floor, and voluminous leather armchairs and sofas inspire you for a purely masculine communication.

The tools that the masters work with are of high quality, completely safe in operation and perfectly fit into the overall interior. Expensive professional cosmetics and skilled hands of the master are the best way to get quality result.

Gathering in our barbershop not far from Khreschatyk and Arsenalna metro stations is a ritual for real men. They need traditions and let them be right with our help! Plus, you can pick up some great exclusive gifts for yourself, your friends or colleagues at the barbershop store, and be sure that they will definitely appeal to everyone you present to them. Your life will sparkle with new colors, you will find many new friends and you will always spend your free time with benefits. To do this, just come to the barbershop Mr.Colt on Grushevsky street.

Barbershop services


Men's haircut

from 400 uah

Haircut with a trimmer

from 200 uah

Kid's haircut

from 300 uah

Long hair cutting

from 500 uah

Hair camouflage

from 250 uah

Mustache haircut

from 150 uah

Face cleansing mask

from 150 uah

Combo 3=1

from 550 uah

Dad + son

from 650 uah

Dad + 2 sons

from 900 uah

Men's haircut + Black Mask

from 500 uah

Barbershop services and prices


Eduard Haven

Eduard Haven

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Artem Haven

Artem Haven

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Barber Student # 1

Barber Student # 1

Barber student

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Loyalty program

We suggest the individual approach to everyone, hairstyle choice and, of course, the ideal masterwork. Add here only awesome men’s atmosphere and welldone program of loyalty.

Why do we so special? First of all, we have seasonal special offers for definite services. As a result every visitor have an opportunity to save more money on making a new hairstyle or shaving.

Parents who come with their children can get a sale too. Here is a permanent special offer for them “Father+son” which allows them to make a hairstyle almost for half a price in the cosy home atmosphere.

For regular customers we offer to buy gift cards for different services. Thus, they have a unique opportunity to look good in any situation investing not so big amount of money in this process.

Besides, we would like to get your attention on the internet-shop of our institution that you can find on the website.

There you can find a lot of accessories for the hair and beard care with a special price. Thanks for that you can buy brushes, scissors, combs and other high quality products with a good sale on it.


Barber Shop, School & Tattoo / Mr.Colt - is an institution where every master knows how to satisfy the client. You can be sure that we understand you from the half of word when you visit us. And as every serious club, the feature of which is stability, we offer a subscription on the definite kinds of services.

Ordering them here, we guarantee the best level of service in the perfect time for you. Our barbers help you to create your own special look, provide you with ultra comfortable ritual of royal shaving or chose the most suitable form of the beard for you. And all of these will be done with an interesting talk about sport, politics or daily life of the country in the same time.

The subscription is useful for those who appreciate their time. They are sportsmen, and businessmen, and representatives of different youth groups. That is why we recommend you not to wait but order a subscription for yourself or as a gift for your friends and family.

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